Sunday, June 28, 2009


Not much updates here lately re mkv remuxing. The reason is that I'm now using the excellent software called ps3mediaserver which makes my mkv remuxing obsolete (at least for my needs). The code and downloads can be found at

However I switched to use freeBSD on my server to make use of ZFS etc. I had to do some patches to ps3 media server to make it run perfectly on BSD. So if there are any interest re this I could post my patches and instructions.


I patched the mkfifo part. However I found out now that this issue was already submitted by someone else:

I didn't patch the mencoder part... I'm pretty much just use it with tsMuxeR anyway.

The trick to get tsMuxeR to work is to enable Linux support for freeBSD (I'm running 7.2 rel) .

I used linux_base-fc6 instead of linux_base-fc4 . I also had to update binutils to 2.19 to make
it compile.

After this the Linux version of tsMuxeR should run perfectly.


Ron said...

I'm very interested in your patch changes for running on FreeBSD. Have you posted them anywhere publicly yet?

. said...

I've updated the post with some info

Trike said...

I've been trying to get PMS to work on Freebsd 7.2 current for a couple weeks now and no luck. I have re-compiled PMS with the code changes in the two spots. Installed the Linux_base-fc6 and binutils 2.19, re-compiled again, still no dice. Installed mplayer, and mencoder

I keep getting an error when trying to transcode a video. The error says Mencoder is not found.

Is there any chance you can help me out? Once I get this working, I can install freenas on it and get everything working together.